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vida f. (Noun) "life"
11th cent. From Latin vita 'id.' Either from Proto-Italic *wī́wita 'id.,' from Proto-Indo-European *gwi̯H-u̯o-t-ā-, or from Proto-Italic *wī́ta- 'id.,' from Proto-Indo-European *gwi̯H-t-h2 (both are phonologically possible, as there is not enough phonological data in Latin to draw a conclusion). In either case, both potential ancestors derive from the root *gwei̯H- "to live."
Also the origin of the surnames Vida, Vidal, and Vidales.
Asturian vida, Portuguese vida, Galician vida, Catalan vida, French vie, Italian vita, Romanian vită, Sardinian bida
Oscan biítam "life"
Old Church Slavonic životъ "life," Russian živót "belly," Czech život "life," Polish żywot 'id.,' Slovene živòt 'id.,' Old Prussian giwato 'id.,' Lithuanian gyvatà 'id.'