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verde m. (Adjective, Noun) "green;" "unripe;" "inexperienced"
11th cent. From Vulgar Latin *virde. From Latin viridis "green;" "young." From virere "to be green," "to sprout." From Proto-Italic *weis- 'id.' From Proto-Indo-European *u̯ei̯s- "to sprout."
As a surname, it was first applied to as a nickname in the medieval period, denoting youth and vigor.
Asturian verde, Portuguese verde, Galician verde, Catalan verd, French vert, Italian verde, Aromanian vearde, Romanian verde, Sardinian birde
Old Norse vísir "sprout," Old High German wīsa "meadow," Old English wīse "sprout"
Old Prussian wēisin "fruit," Lithuanian veĩsti "to breed"