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querer (Verb, Noun) "to want;" "to love;" "loving"
10th cent. From Latin quærere "to desire." From Proto-Italic *kwai-s-e/o- 'id.' From Proto-Indo-European *ku̯eh2-i̯- 'id.'
Asturian querer, Portuguese querer, Galician querer, French quérir, Italian chiedere, Aromanian tser, Romanian cere, Sardinian chèrrere
Oscan κϝαιστορ (kwaistor) "magistrate," Marsian qestur "magistrates"
Old Prussian quāits "desire," Lithuanian kviẽsti "to invite"
Doric πέπᾱμαι (pépamai) "to acquire"

The sense of wanting is a particularly archaic feature in Spanish. It is not an innovation in Spanish. The sense of want preserves a pre-Latin meaning that is not found in Classical Latin or in most Latin dialects, but is solely mirrored in Terence Latin of the 2nd cent. BCE (Penny 2002).