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padecer (Verb) "to suffer;" "to endure"
13th cent. From Vulgar Latin padescere 'id.,' from pati "to experience" and an inchoative suffix -escere (see -ecer). Note that padecer replaced the more common Old Spanish verb padir "to suffer," taken free of the inchoative suffix from Vulgar Latin *padire 'id.,' from Latin *pati. From Proto-Italic *pat-i- 'id.' Of unknown origin. Theories include Proto-Indo-European *ph1-t- "suffering" and *pet-i- "to befall." Yet *ph1-t- would not yield pati in Latin and the primary sense of *pet- was "to fly," so the proverbial jury of specialists is still out.
Portuguese padecer, Catalan patir, French pâtir, Italian patire, Aromanian pat, pãtsãscu, Romanian păți, Sardinian patire