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Jesús (Personal Name) "Jesus"
From Latin Iesus, from Greek Ἰησοῦς (iesoûs), from Hebrew yeshúa. A syncopation of y'hoshúa "Joshua" in the belief that yeshúa was the original name of Jesus. From Yeho, a reference to Yahweh, and y-š-ʕ "to liberate." According to Huehnegard (2011), Yahweh historically meant "he sends down (the hosts of Heaven)" and is from a causitive stem of hāwâ "to happen."
The name is common as first and last names.
Asturian Xesús, Portuguese Jesus, Galician Xesús, Catalan Jesús, French Jésus, Italian Gesù, Sardinian Gesùs