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iglesia f. (Noun) "church"
10th cent. From Vulgar Latin eclesia 'id.,' from Latin ecclesia "assembly." Borrowed from Greek ἐκκλησία (ekklesía) "assembly" (more literally "those called out") composed of ἐκ (ek) "out" and κᾰλεῖν (kaleîn) "to call."
Also the origin of the surnames de la Iglesia, Igreja, Igrejas, Iglesias, Esclesies, and Laiglesia.
Asturian eglesia, Portuguese igreja, Galician igrexa, Catalan església, French église, Italian chiese, Sardinian chegia
Basque eliza "church" (borrowed from Vulgar Latin)

Greek ἐκ (ek) "out" is cognate to Latin ex (Spanish ex) and κᾰλεῖν (kaleîn) "to call" is cognate to Latin clamare "to call" (Spanish llamar). Thus, the Greek word ἐκκλησία "assembly" has a direct twin in Latin exclamare "to exclaim" (Spanish exclamar).