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este, éste (Pronoun, Adjective) "this"
12th cent. From Latin iste 'id.' From Proto-Italic *is-to- 'id.' From late Proto-Indo-European *i̯s-to- 'id.,' earlier *h1i̯s-so- 'id.' The first element is from *h1i̯s- "this;" the second is from pronominal stem *so- "this" (see ser).
Portuguese este, Catalan este, Italian esto, Romanian ăsta
Umbrian estu, Pre-Samnite estam, South Picene estas

Spanish has three distinct coordinating distances: immediate (éste), not immediate (ese), and far (aquel). This is akin to this, that, and yon (now archaic in all but a few English dialects).