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bosque m. (Noun) "forest"
Late 15th cent. borrowing from Old Catalan or Old Occitan bòsc 'id.' The date of transmission is unknown. From Vulgar Latin *boscus 'id.' Borrowed from a Germanic language (cf. Proto-West Germanic *buska- "bush.") From Proto-Germanic *buska- 'id.' From Proto-Indo-European *bhu̯H-s-ko- "bush," with arboreal-suffix *-ko-. From the root *bhu̯H- "to grow."
Also the origin of the surnames Bosques, Bózquez and Bósquez.
Asturian bien, Portuguese bem, Galician ben, Catalan bé, ben, French bien, Italian bene, Aromanian ghini, Romanian bine, Sardinian beni
Old Norse buskr "bush," Old High German busc, bosc 'id.,' Old English busc 'id.'