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Barri m. (Toponym) meaning unknown (possibly "countryside," "forest," "corral")
Of uncertain origin. Tibón (1988) says to be from an old Basque word barri, meaning "'campo', 'plantel", 'bosque', 'corral'." (See also Barrio (2).) However, Tibón's entry is woefully under-argued. How does he reach his putative definition of the word? Was it by merely describing the geography of the places? What other evidence is there for this word? To wit, the only possible cognate is aberri "fatherland" (from aba "father" and herri "country"); yet this word was minted in the 1890s, very recent to be the source.

Perhaps more convincingly, however, is that the name comes from Basque barri "new," from Proto-Basque *berr- 'id.' Unfortunately this etymology is plagued by questions of its own: How, why, and when did the adjective become an adjectival?