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accionariado m. (Noun) "shareholding"
From accionarial.
accionarial (Adjective) "sharing"
From acción.
accionista (Noun) "shareholder"
19th cent. From acción and -ista.
aceite m. (Noun) oil
13th cent. Old Spanish azeyte. From Andalusian Arabic az-zayt 'id.,' from Arabic zayt 'id.'
Also the origin of the surname Aceite, originally given to olive growers.
Asturian aceite, Portuguese azeite, Galician aceite
Coptic joeit "olive"
Maltese żejt "oil," Hebrew záyit "olive," Syriac zaytāʼ 'id.'
acepción f. (Noun) "sense," "meaning"
From Latin acceptionem, accusative of acceptio 'id.' From accipere "to accept." From ad- "toward" and capere "to take" (see caber).
aceptabilidad f. (Noun) "acceptability"
From Late Latin acceptabilitatem, accusative of acceptabilitas 'id.' From Latin acceptabilis "acceptable" (see aceptable).
aceptable (Adjective) "acceptable"
From Latin acceptabilis 'id.,' from acceptare "to accept" (see aceptar).
Asturian aceptable, Galician aceptable, Catalan acceptable, Old French acceptable
aceptación f. (Noun) "success"
Very late 15th cent. From Latin acceptationem, accusative of acceptatio 'id.' From accipere "to accept." From ad- "toward" and capere "to take" (see caber).
aceptador (Adjective, Noun) "accepting," "acceptor"
From Latin acceptator 'id.' From acceptare "to accept" (see aceptar).
aceptar (Verb) "to accept"
13th cent. Old Spanish acetar. From Latin acceptare 'id.,' from accipere 'id.' and frequentive suffix -tare (see note under faltar). From ad- "toward" and capere "to take" (see caber).
Asturian aceptar, Portuguese aceitar, Catalan acceptar, French accepter, Italian accettare