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absolutidad f. (Noun) "absoluteness"
From absoluto and -dad.
absolutismo m. (Noun) "absolutism"
From absoluto and -ismo, a suffix forming abstract nouns from verbs.
absolutista (Noun) "absolutist"
From absoluto.
absoluto (Adjective) "absolute"
15th cent. From Latin absolutus "concluded," "unrestricted." From absolvere "to absolve," "to loosen." See absolver.
Portuguese absoluto, Catalan absolut, French absolu, Italian assoluto, Romanian absolut
absolutorio (Adjective) "absolutory"
From Latin absolutorius "pertaining to acquittal," from absolutus "concluded" (see absoluto).
absolvederas f. (Noun) (archaic) "disposition to absolve;" "great tolerance"
Found only in the plural. From absolver.
absolvedor (Noun) "one who absolves"
From absolver and agent-forming suffix -dor.
absolvente (Adjective) "absolving"
From absolver.
absolver (Verb) "to absolve"
13th cent. Borrowed from Latin absolver "to absolve" but also "to loosen." From ab- "away" and solvere "to loosen." See solver.
Asturian (Junquera Huergo) asuelver, Asturian (Parres) absolver, Portuguese absolver, Catalan absoldre, French absoudre, Italian assolvere, Romanian absolvi
abuelastro (Noun) "step-grandparent"
From abuelo and -astro.